Update April. 2020

<Imporant Notice>

We have good news and bad news.The good news is...We finally completed the commercial modeland are testing the all functions now. Bad news is...Due to the pandemic, We are quite unsure when we can release it...We can't see how long we need to take to get the components and materials. Anyway, we will start to take preorders next month.


Les DiffYUseurs

Les DiffYUseurs

Les DiffYUseurs

弊社では、ThereminとSynthesizerを合体させ、アコースティック楽器の要素を取り入れたTheresyn以外に、Thereminとほぼ同時期にフランスで生まれた電子楽器、Les Ondes Martenot(オンド・マルトノ)のスピーカーシステムを電子的にシミュレートしたエフェクト、Les DiffYUseurs(レ・ディフューザー)も開発しました。設計者はTheresynの回路を設計したYves Usson氏。こちらも間もなくの完成を見込んでいます。

We also produce the effector called "Les DiffYUseurs" which is simulator for the sound system of Les Ondes Martenot.
The designer is a same person who created Theresyn circuit, Mr. Yves Usson.
This pedal will be completed by the middle of next month. The pre-order will be available shortly.